Choosing the Best Bed for Your Dog or Cat

on May 23, 2021

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How to Choose the Best Bed for Your Pet

A good bed is one of your pet's basic needs. We feel amazing after a good night's sleep on a comfortable bed. Our dogs and cats need their own bed to rest and recharge after a busy day exploring and playing.

It is important to choose a good bed for your dog or cat. The first thing you should do is to measure your pet baby. The bed should be slightly larger than your pet for them to be able to rest and sleep comfortably in their natural positions, whether they like to curl up or stretch out.

Pet beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different pets with different preferences. You should give your pet a few options to be sure they will always be comfortable and happy.

Whichever pet beds you choose, these should be made from comfortable fabrics and well-padded to offer good support. We've put together a handy guide to pick the most suitable bed for your pet baby, and are great for both cats and dogs.

Best All-Rounder

The PetKiddies Soft Calming Marshmallow Bed is our all-time #1 best-seller! The donut shape design with raised edges creates the ideal spot to curl up in. Pets of all shapes and sizes are in love with the plush and comfortable bed made from hypoallergenic faux fur – perfect for cats to snooze and dogs to re-energize throughout the day.

Most Elegant Pet Bed

For a pet bed that will not look out of place in your workspace or designer interior, the PetKiddies Snuggle Pillow Bed seamlessly enhances your space. Dogs and cats enjoy resting on it and can snuggle under the layer for extra warmth and a sense of security while they snooze.

Beds for Small to Medium-sized Dogs and Cats

The versatile PetKiddies 2-Way Luxury Pet Bed is a favorite with small to larger-sized dogs and cats. It can be used as a fluffy bed to curl up on or popped up to create a cosy kennel for a good hideaway.

Make playtime more fun with the PetKiddies Plush Banana Pet Bed. We love playing hide and seek by 'peeling' and 'unpeeling' the banana peel. It's also super soft and comfortable for pets to snuggle into.

The PetKiddies Pet Cave Bed is another adorable option which creates a homey space for pets to sleep and lounge in. This is perfect to help pets like short-haired or hairless dogs keep warm. It's a comfier alternative to pets who love to burrow under blankets or hide in your laundry basket.

Ideal Beds for Larger Dogs and Cats

Our pet beds come in a variety of sizes. Pet parents love the PetKiddies Snuggle Pillow Bed and the PetKiddies Soft Calming Marshmallow Bed for their larger pets as the firmer construction of the beds provide larger, heavier pets with better cushioning and comfort in the long term.

Beds for Older Pets

Older pets or pets who are less mobile will find comfort in the PetKiddies Snuggle Pillow Bed and the PetKiddies Soft Calming Marshmallow Bed. These beds offer greater support by taking pressure off their joints hence giving better relief from joint pain and aches.

Is the Bed Easy to Clean?

Pet beds should be regularly dusted and cleaned to prevent build-up of hair, dust, and other allergens. All our pet beds can be machine washable or have a removable cover to wash separately.

Settling Your Pet into Their New Bed

After you have chosen the right bed for your pets, you may have to encourage them away from your bed or pillow. The unfamiliarity of a new bed may deter them from using it, so place their favorite toy or your worn piece of clothing to help them accept their new bed.

Place the bed on a firm surface, preferably around their favorite sleeping spaces in the home. As pet parents, we can help our pets get the important rest they need by ensuring they have a quiet and comfortable spot to snooze without any noise or distraction.

A good night's rest is essential for happy, healthy pets!


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