15 Best-Selling Items for Your Dog This Summer & Fall

on August 17, 2020

15 Best Selling Items For Your Dog This Summer & Fall

15 Best-Selling Items for Your Dog This Summer & Fall

These bestsellers are not only problem-solving products, but also make great gifts for dogs and dog parents. For days when your best dog buddy needs a boost or a pick-me-up, we've rounded up our favorites this summer and fall.

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1. Portable Grooming Set

 PetKiddies Portable Grooming Clippers and Trimmer

The reality is most of us are staying indoors and making fewer trips to the groomers. With a good pair of clippers, you can easily transform a shaggy dog to a show dog!

You'll love the PetKiddies Portable Grooming Clippers which is rechargeable and cordless – great to use in the shower or outdoors. 



2. Portable Foldable Pool

PetKiddies Portable Foldable Pool 


Keep your pets cool all summer! This pool is a favorite with dogs and dog parents to cool down. This pop-up pool which doesn't need to be inflated is a must-have for hours of fun.

Comes in 6 sizes to accommodate all sizes and breeds of dogs. The exterior is made of a heavy duty PVC and the base is a reinforced anti-slip bottom. Folds easily for compact storage with a drain plug to quickly empty the water. Doubles-up as a ball pit for indoor or outdoor fun which makes this multi-tasker a top favorite.


3. Fun Life Jacket

PetKiddies Fun Life Jacket


Some dogs like retrievers are natural swimmers while others like bulldogs are less suited to the water. Either way, a dog life jacket is a wise investment if you and your pup plan to spend time in the water or on a boat. Dogs which are good swimmers can also inhale water or get tired and struggle to keep their heads above water. 

Not only will the PetKiddies Shark Life Jacket keep your pup safe, he'll look absolutely adorable as he swims. Comes in 3 sizes for pups of different sizes to stay extra buoyant. Available in other cute designs like mermaid and nemo clownfish.


4. Car Safety Bungee Seat Belt

PetKiddies Car Safety Bungee Seatbelt

It is second nature to belt up when you're in the car and ensure everyone in the car does so too. But what about your pet baby?

Currently, not all states have laws which prohibit driving with an unrestrained dog in your vehicle. Other countries like the United Kingdom and Australia have strict laws on this. Allowing pets to ride in cars without a proper restraint can be dangerous for both your pets as well as people in the vehicle. An unrestrained dog can hurtle forward and hit the windscreen or fly out the window when the driver slams on the brakes.

Perfect for any size pet! 

The PetKiddies Car Safety Seat Belt easily attaches to the collar or harness before clipping it into the seat belt. Even if your dog is the most docile pup or if you're just going for a short drive, it is always important to keep your pet and other passengers safe on the road.


5. Car Pet Carrier 

PetKiddies Car Travel Carrier

Travelling can be stressful for pets. Keep them safe and comfortable in our top-rated pet carrier. It works as a carrier, bed and car seat protector. It's portable, durable, waterproof and protects your car seat from scratches, dirt and drool. Less stress for pups and less cleaning-up for you! Pair the PetKiddies Car Pet Carrier with the Car Safety Seat Belt for a comfortable and safe ride for your pup.


6. Suction Cup Tugger

PetKiddies Suction Cup Tugger 

Do doggie dental treats work? Yes, if they are used correctly.

Just as with humans, dogs can suffer gum disease and other oral problems. Of course, professional cleaning and teeth brushing are effective ways maintain good oral health. On most days, a well-designed dental toy is a safe and effective way to help keep plaque and tartar build-up to a minimum.

Dogs that are active chewers tend to develop less plaque build-up. The PetKiddies Dental Tugging Toy is made from a soft, food-grade rubber and is an interactive way to encourage active chewing while removing plaque and leftover food. The built-in tug-of-war is a fun way to relieve tension too!


7. Chew Ball

PetKiddies Chew Ball

The PetKiddies Dental Snack Ball is another favorite teeth-cleaning toy in our store. While professional care and cleaning are important to keep your dog's teeth and gums in their best condition, the Dental Snack Ball is a fantastic supplement to caring for their dental health.

This favorite doggie dental treat keeps your dog entertained for hours while he works to retrieve his favorite snacks from in between the grooves. The soft spikes are made from non-toxic, food grade natural rubber and can withstand chewing and tugging.


8. LED Safety Collar

 PetKiddies LED Safety Collar


A hot favorite this season is the PetKiddies LED Safety Collar. Evening walks in the summer are a fantastic way to get some exercise when the weather is cooler. Just click to light up the collar to alert drivers and other pedestrians to your location for greater night-time safety.

Available in different sizes to suit dogs of all sizes. We love how the fun fluorescent colors look stunning on both light and dark coats.

PetKiddies LED Collar


9. Heavy Duty Padded Leash

 PetKiddies Heavy Duty Padded Leash

If there's one thing that dog parents agree on, it's that you'll need to walk your pups no matter which season it is. What you need is a leash that's safe, reliable and weatherproof.

The PetKiddies Rope Dog Leash is sturdy and dependable. It's made with the same technology used in rock climbing rope. Great for training purposes but also an important tool that all pup parents should not be without.


10. Personalized Snap-On Harness

The best and safest solution to a dog that pulls is a no-pull harness. A good no-pull harness can make walks more enjoyable without causing your dog any discomfort or pain. The PetKiddies Personalized Snap-On Harness is one of our best-sellers! You can choose to personalize the harness just for your pup at no extra cost.


11. Hands-Free Dog Leash

PetKiddies Hands Free Dog Leash

If your pup is your dedicated jogging partner, then the PetKiddies Hands-Free Dog Leash is for you! The hands-free leash allows you to use your natural running motion. It's sturdy on both ends with an elastic mid-section for flexibility. We recommend using this hands-free leash with the PetKiddies Adventure Harness Dog Pack for greater comfort. 


12. Adventure Carrier Backpack 

PetKiddies Adventure Carrier Back Pack

With more outdoor activities in the summer and fall, dog backpacks are ideal for biking or hiking or whenever you're outdoors. The PetKiddies Adventure Carrier Backpack fits smaller dogs and is the go-to item to calm nervous doggies as the carrier can give it extra security in crowded or unfamiliar spaces. Dog parents will find that a dog backpack comes in extremely useful at some point, such as when their pup is sick or less mobile. Our backpacks are designed with pockets so you won't need to carry a regular backpack for your essentials.


13. Slow Feeding Snuffle Bowl

PetKiddies Slow Feeder Snuffle Bowl


All dogs can eat too quickly or overeat, which can lead to bloating, choking, obesity and vomiting. The PetKiddies Slow Feeder Snuffle Bowl helps to prevent your pup from overeating or eating too quickly. Simply hide their favorite treats in the slow feeder which mimics nature's foraging process and results in chewing their food better.

✅ Improve digestion
✅ Prevent boredom
✅ Stimulate mental activity
✅ Reduce stress and anxiety
✅ Machine washable


14. Travel Water Spring

Staying hydrated is important for us and our pet babies! Whether you're out with your dog on a walk or travelling to a pet-friendly location, a travel water bottle allows your pup to regularly and safely quench his thirst with clean fresh water.

Our top-rated PetKiddies Travel Water Spring features a dispenser and drinking bowl all in one. Mess-free and leak-proof, the Travel Water Spring can be easily operated with one hand at the push of a button for easy access. Made of food grade materials and BPA-free.


15. Adventure Harness Dog Pack

Want to pack more doggie essentials when you're out on longer walks without weighing yourself down? The PetKiddies Adventure Harness Dog Pack is the answer!

The doggie version of a fanny pack, the pouch allows you to store essentials like keys, waste bags and doggy treats. We love how the lightweight harness keeps your dog cool and comfortable even when the dog pack is fully stocked.


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